Day 1/101: I'm Going To Need A Lot Of Pickles.

I was not prepared for this.

Because the studio I typically go to in my town is being renovated, I chose to go to a Bikram studio that is on my way home. It's closer to work, though in an incredibly dull and part of town (known as "La Jolla.")

The studio was great.  The teacher was great. The class wasn't too packed. And there was plenty of parking underground in the garage.

But the room... So hot. So humid. I walked in dehydrated without realizing it. And exhausted. But 15 minutes into class, I was dizzy. I had to sit down.  And I continued to sit down throughout most of the class.

What a great first class!!!

My head ached. My body was itchy. I was definitely purging something. I felt shoulder blades tire just from trying to hold my arms above my head.

At the end of class, at this studio, they pass out ice cold lavender water-soaked towels. I couldn't handle having mine anywhere near my skin. The contrast from the heat to the icy towel shot aches throughout my body.

I rolled up my mat, tossed on my cover-up dress, and walked outside to the garage... Freezing the moment I stepped in the winter-esque air.

Purging at it's finest! And again, it's only the first class.

Only 100 more to go.

A friend texted me about my need of electrolytes on my way home. I hate taking the powders. But he reminded me that "pickle juice" is a fine substitute.

I have a feeling I'm going to be going through a lot of pickles over the next three months.

And eggs...

I was craving protein when I got home.

And I scooped myself a bowl of these...

But they're too cold. Even after a long soak in a hot bath... I can't eat one of these without feeling an ache.

Oh there will be so many more awesome reactions in my body as this challenge gets underway. 

Stay tuned for all of the excitement.