"Hey Aunt Heather..."

There are certain times of the year when I get to hear those words. Usually around holidays, when I head home to Arizona.  

The loves of my life are now mostly reaching an age where we are able to interact and have more specific conversations and even build memories they can recall.

It's a fun time for me as an aunt, because it's all about fun for me. I don't have to discipline them or get mad at them. I just get to show up, be awesome, and then get to leave when they get cranky.

My favorite thing to do is capture moments with them where we are goofing off.  

We are excellent - clearly - at goofing off. 

This is J and I, playing with Photobooth on my computer. He is nearly five years old, and can't take a serious picture.

I feel that he gets this ability from me. It's genetic.

He's a total clown. And it's awesome.

But a smart clown.  All of these littles are intelligent creatures...  Masters of technology. They know how to operate not only iPads, but very complex remote controls for the television.

They were playing a game together... N, E, and J.  No one was fighting. Everyone was playing very well together.

They all wake up playing well together.  E & J,  brother and sister, play very well together... Despite being at an age where they both want things their way.  They're separated by two years... But will likely always be close buddies.

We woke up one morning and pretended to be coyotes at breakfast, practicing our howls...

They also like to chase each other around... And it usually involves climbing on things, as well as under things.

Oh to have that kind of energy again! I wish!

It was fun, silly times. I am so grateful to have that time with them.