I Suppose I'll Stop Wearing Jo Malone.

A few months back, I purchased some Tom Ford parfum. I love it. And it's what I had been wearing as of late. But I was keen to mix it up every once in a while with my go-to scents by Jo Malone... Vintage Gardenia (which I've worn for over 10 years now) and Vanilla Anise (which I've worn for about 6 years).

Until recently, I hadn't been wearing perfume often. So I suppose what I discovered today is ultimately my responsibility... Jo Malone has discontinued both scents.


That's what I wanted to scream when I found out. I didn't though. I maintained composure.  Because, again, it's my fault. If I wore the scents more frequently and purchased them more often, I could have shown there was interest in both scents... And maybe they wouldn't have been discontinued.

So I am sad. And will now have to find a few alternatives to Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille, which is what I mostly wear now.  I went through the multitude of other scents Jo Malone has produced... But to be honest... They mostly bore me.  Don't get me wrong, they are lovely-enough. But they're not special. The depth of the notes and their layers... But they're not rare. They smell common. And basic. 

Vanilla Anise at least had a quirkiness to it. It smelled of Dr. Pepper.  There was no sophistication to it. It smelled youthful and yummy and odd.

The assistants at the Jo Malone counter at Neiman Marcus here in Scottsdale were kind enough to search through their inventory to see if they had a remaining bottle lying around... They were able to give me all the rest of these that they had...

And I am treating them like liquid gold, you can bet.

And we did manage to find the very last candle of the scent they had...

A sign it's time to move on and mature, I suspect.