My Favorite Photos From 2015.

Okay. I know. I am aware I still have seven full days left of 2015. But I can't help myself... I was perusing through my photos from this year and found myself smiling from nostalgia.

It has, once again, been a year of fun adventures. Sure, I didn't play with penguins and touch all seven continents... But I did a lot.  And I managed to capture some moments and share them. And here are my very favorites...

Me, earlier this week in Boston. Back to wearing my cold-weather uniform of skinny jeans, boots and a wool coat.

Drinking that really expensive bottle of Bordeaux from 1985 for Red's 30th birthday.

The mysterious and elegant wine glass that showed up at my house earlier this month with no note. Yes, I found out from whom it came.  :)

The view from my hike at Torrey Pines on my birthday.

Me in Cusco, chewing Coca leaves (native to Peru). In 2015, I furthered my explorations of plant medicines. They're becoming a big part of my life.

Down in the circles of Moray, in the Sacred Valley in Peru.  Pictured here is Malcolm, the head shaman.

My nephew and brother, on a trip to visit me in Encinitas.

The lights hung outside of my house by my neighbor, Flanders. I'm grateful I didn't have to hang them.

Me with hot pink hair!!!!!

Me, earlier this week, hanging out with my nephew. These make me laugh.

My new Summer uniform... Long maxi dresses and big floppy hats.

Also from the Cusco trip... Scott, one of the regulars at Blue Morpho, chatting with local village girls. I think this picture is just precious.

Ah... Moonlight Beach. It's at it's best at Sunset, when most of the crowds are gone. I don't go there nearly enough.

A big moment for me! Doing the Spinning Logic Podcast with one of my most favorite people in the world, Jason Havey.

My "little cup of infinity"...  San Pedro plant medicine.

The only words I could articulate after an ayahuasca ceremony this past summer.

I came across this gorgeous Australian Shepherd outside of a local coffee shop. I want one so badly.

I wear severe heels and love Star Wars. 

A very special celebration for Frogger with all of our friends down in Pismo Beach.

I'm sure I'll have many more awesome moments that I capture in 2016...