My Obsession With The Sky.

For 14 years, I rarely saw the night sky.

Not properly, anyway.

Living in the Northeast mean many pretty cityscapes in the evening... High rises against a lit-up Hancock Tower in Boston. Glittering lights from the townhomes along Union Park, the prettiest street in Boston... Views into my neighbors windows in from my floor-to-ceiling windows in Manhattan...  Looking into the apartment of a retiree living in the retirement home behind my house in Toronto...

Always an adventure. Always something to see.  But what I very rarely saw? Stars and planets.

Too much city light pollution impacted my ability to peer in on the intelligent conversation of the Universe.  I was "ADD" with the city's earthly curiosities. There was no need to give the sky a thought.

But moving to San Diego intentionally changed that. I could finally see the stars, and I began to get curious about what exactly I was looking at. So I downloaded a star mapping app - Sky Guide - to see what was above me.

Now I am obsessed with it, especially when I go for early morning powerwalks. I find myself seeing planets alongside the Moon, and wanting confirmation as to what it is above me.

Earlier this week I captured the Moon and Venus...

A few weeks ago it was Venus and Mars...

And then there was the full Moon and Uranus (HAHAHAHA! But seriously...)

I have this yearning to now head outside of San Diego's North County... More into the desert... And get away from everything for a night just to see what opens up in the sky above me.

Perhaps a small adventure for myself soon?