Professional FOMO Is My Life. But JOMO Is How I Really Thrive.

JOMO is nothing new.

Most people are familiar with FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out)... But I've never had that. Far from it. I can see how it proliferates with people these days... Especially with social media.

You see people doing what you perceive are awesome things at awesome places. You feel like you are missing out, and therefore develop a sense of panic/depression/anxiety about not being in the know or participating.

I definitely do not have that. At least not in my personal life. In my professional life, I  have that ALL OF THE TIME though...  I think this is a pretty common feeling. Especially with Type A people.  Example... In four of the past five companies I have worked with, I have gotten promotions within the first 6-9 months of being hired. I've been descried as a tornado... I come in, I observe, I make decisive executions... And it usually gets me into a higher role. Unintentionally.

It's an innate habit. All driven by my Pro-FOMO. But the one thing that actually helps me reset and feel complete is actually JOMO.

The Joy Of Missing Out.

There was an article today about it posted on Facebook.  It's not an easy thing to get comfortable with... In fact, it can be incredibly difficult. It means cutting yourself off in some cases, like I did yesterday. A day away from everything helps me reconnect to my mind, and practice appreciation for everything else I have in my life.

But it means missing out on connecting with others and having experiences with them. And that is okay. Because that reset and pullback helps me shoot forward in areas that currently drive my curiosity.

My weekends are all about JOMO. And I've even become better about JOMO in the evenings, after work... And not letting my Pro-FOMO lure me into constant email checking and working when things aren't urgent.

I have always been, and will always be a JOMO-ist... and am getting better about letting it's flag fly.  I encourage others to embrace it as well.