Bikram 101: Back-To-Back Double.

I had to do a double. A back-to-back double. Something I haven't done in six years.

It's because I am traveling in a few days. To a city that, yes, has a Bikram studio (a few of them, actually)... But not with any scheduled classes that will accommodate my busy schedule while there.  So a double was needed to cover for the day I will be missing.

And for some reason, I chose to do it on a day when I had not only a full day at work... But also did a metabolic workout at 7am with my trainer.

"What was I thinking?"

That is what I asked myself  as I was starting Pranayama in the second class. A class which started only 15 minutes after the first one ended.

It was brutal.

In the first class, as we were headed into Locust pose, I spotted a grasshopper on the floor in front of my mat. I don't know if I hallucinated it.

I'm pretty sure that I did.

I chugged a coconut water in between the two classes. HUGE MISTAKE!  At the start of the second class, my belly was full of water. "Gluggy belly" is what we call it.

My arms were too tired to stay over my head in Half Moon. My legs didn't have any interest in cooperating in Awkward pose. The Balancing Series was complete bullshit.

My body was overtaxed.

I noticed the grasshopper again when we got to the Spine Strengthening Series. My mind was everywhere and nowhere all at once.

Something was purging from me. I noticed it mostly in my throat. As I stared at the grasshopper, I could see it moving it's neck and antenna. My throat vibrated looking at the little creature.

Something wanted to come out.  It still does.

A purge is pending.