Bikram 101: Class 15/ Day 14.

I'm two weeks into this challenge. Still have almost 12 more to go.

This is me today BEFORE class...

Exhausted. Water-retaining. Hair perpetually damp from being in class or being washed.

So I bet you're wondering how I'm feeling? Am I ready to throw the towel in?

No. Like, "Duh!"... I have done this before, you know?

That's not say, though, that I am feeling super awesome and so full of energy.  Not yet. That part of the challenge is still a few weeks away.  I'm still in the "Adjustment Phase" of the challenge.  The phase where my body is still getting used to being in the room every day, stretching and compressing my body every day in the same way in the heat. But I am progressing quickly. 

My body is falling back into placement with the postures. My depth in postures is coming back. My ability to chug sparkling water faster than a hooker can snort cocaine up her nose has come back.  And so have my cravings...

Eggs, hot sauce, and pickles. I can't get enough of these.

Nor can I seem to get enough of this..

I come home, I crave protein and fruit.  In particular, I love pink grapefruit. I've never really eaten it before, but in the past two weeks I've managed to go through at least one a day.

One thing that has had to go as a result of this challenge is my eye make-up...

This is me after a class. And you're probably wondering, "Why the hell didn't you take it off before class?"


I scrubbed my eye with eye makeup remover for a good five minutes.  And I don't even wear that much eye makeup! But somehow, there was enough mascara and eyeliner residing in hiding spots on my eye. Enough to make me look like a lovely tart!

The one ritual I have when I get home after class, besides gulping down fruit and water, is this...

Epsom salt baths. I love baths. I always have. And I always will.  And I've stocked up on enough epsom salts to last me till probably the end of this month.

So far, I'm feeling optimistic about this challenge. I feel like the first time I did it six years ago, it was just to prove to myself I could do it. This time, I have this sense that it is changing me differently. I don't have someone constantly asking me why I'm doing it and having them get upset that I am exhausted or sick after class.  Or getting mad that I am spending so much time doing yoga and not enough time being at home sitting in front of the TV with them in silence.

I have complete space to do this.  And I like where it is going this time. Wherever that may be.