Bikram 101: Class 21, Day 21.

Yep. Only 80 more days to go.

I am three weeks into this challenge. It's been said that if you do anything for three weeks straight that it officially becomes a habit. My practice is definitely a habit now.

So what's changed in the three weeks?

Well, my body has. I can see my arms and legs looking more elongated. I'm carrying myself differently.  And my ability to go deeper in postures is crazy. Especially Triangle...  My hips have opened up and I easily descend in Triangle.  And also Awkward pose.

This evening, I could see hints of my Balancing series coming back. I was less intimidated by Standing Head to Knee. My Standing Bow was better than it had been in a long while, with a calm balancing leg and further arched spine.  And Balancing Stick was still and stretched.

The Spine series is stronger than it has been since my last Bikram 101 Challenge. I can get my legs up a foot off of the floor Locust pose.  And the backbends against gravity in Full Locust and Bow are deeper than I think they ever have been.

I'll repeat: Than they ever have been.

And I'm only 21 days into this!

I love it. It's addictive. It's empowering. And it's changing me.

Outside of the class, it's kept me calm. When I train with my trainer, I'm able to squat deeper than I have with heavy weights. My balance is better. My mind is more focused. And for some reason - though unsurprising - it's making my body purge. In particular, I've had my cycle  twice in the past week and a half.

I guess the body had more to purge.

I'm not yet 25% of the way through. But I like what it's doing this time to me. Very much.