Class 33: A Third Of The Way Through!

More or less... I am a third of the way through this 101-day challenge.  HOORAY!

And tonight, I leave for the Amazon jungle, and will not be practicing for eight whole days.


Yes. I could try to practice while I am in the jungle. It is summer there. There are likely going to yoga mats available. And I might. But I am heading into this ayahuasca retreat with the intention of not practicing. I have no idea what my energy may be like while I am there. You can't ever predict what the medicine is going to do you. So I am erring on the side that I will be coming out of this retreat eight days behind in my challenge.  Which means doubles.


I can see and feel a huge difference in my body.  My balance seems to be in a nice, calm place. And in this morning's class, I was able to kick my leg slightly straighter in Standing Bow pose.  Any compressing of my hip flexors (Awkward pose, Standing Head to Knee, Triangle) feels oddly natural. (Confusing, huh?) It feels different to naturally flow into depth in those poses.

It's progress. And I'll take it.