Day 5/101: The Class That Almost Didn't Happen.

I woke up to my phone alarm pinging it's usual gentle melody. It was 7:30am. And I was clearly feeling the effects of last night's indulgence in half a bottle of sparkling wine.

"Fuck it," I said. And turned the alarm off, then buried myself in the duvet.

I was saying "fuck it" to hitting the 9am Bikram class here in Encinitas. I was dehydrated and spinny. There was no way I was going to be able to get up and hit a class in just under 90 minutes. More sleep was badly needed. And I knew there was an afternoon class in La Jolla that I could do.

Eventually I got up. It was mid-morning. I downed coffee, watermelon, eggs, and pickles... Along with a bit of water... And I was feeling normal again. I eased myself into a productive afternoon, cleaning all of the bathrooms in the house, and reorganizing my master bathroom drawers.

I was being so productive that about 30 minutes before I needed to leave to the class, I found myself saying, "I'll just do a double tomorrow. No need to go today."

I began changing my sateen bedsheets out for my flannel sheets. I separated out my laundry.  I emptied all of my garbage bins in the house. I started to tidy the floors... And then I said to myself, "Quit avoiding it. Go to class. You're fine."

So I threw my yoga clothes into my bag, filled up my water bottle, grabbed my yoga mat, and hopped in the car.

I made it with 10 minutes to spare till class time.

Just as I were getting set to start in on Pranayama Breathing, I noticed someone behind me waving at me to get my attention.

It was one of the guys from my teacher training class give years ago, A.  I smiled and waved back.

And then proceeded to have the best class so far in the challenge.

Back bends were deeper than they may have been for quite some time.  My standing back bend in particular seemed to have me seeing further down the back wall than EVER before... Which means my neck and shoulders are opening up.

I wasn't sure. But that was my theory anyway.

It was proven later once we hit the floor series.  The arch in my spine on every posture was deeper and easier to maintain than it has been in almost six years.

After class, one of the other female students from class said to me, "I haven't done this in 10 years. You looked so good in class! I was jealous!"

I laughed. Than I told her, "I'm a teacher who has lost their practice. Five days ago, I was sitting out many postures. I've done it every in the past week though. So I can tell you the practice you had 10 years ago will pop back for you.  You just have to keep at it... And in a few weeks you'll be back where you left off long ago."

I walked out of the studio very satisfied with my progress so far. But I know how the body and this practice can shift from day to day.

My class could be complete shit tomorrow. But today's was the shit.