Encouraging Good Intentions.

I've gotten into this habit lately of setting intentions before something.  
  • Before I get out of bed in the morning.
  • Before I have a meeting with someone.
  • Before a yoga class.
  • Before I meditate.

Pretty much, I am always setting intentions. I came to the decision that I needed to start doing this because otherwise I am just "doing" in a reactionary way. I am not fully respecting the action I am about to take.

I aways get one last reminder as I leave the house each time...

A Jonathan Adler tray reminds me as I go to grab my keys from it.

It sits amongst inexpensive fresh flowers that I buy each week.  It's usually just hydrangea,  But this week I added something brighter...

My intention was to bring some warmth in my space, given how "cold" it's become in San Diego lately.  Plus, it's going to be raining here this week.  So I will need as much Sunshine as I can get.

A bright reminder for good intentions in everything I do, as well as in the interactions I have with others. Manifesting a focused and positive outcome. Always.