Finally Closer To That Outdoor Cafe Feel.

This is what I am experiencing right now, as I sit and type this out...

Sitting in my front patio. Eating a late breakfast. The air is fragranced by my freshly clipped sage. my sparkling water has a freshly pulled spring of rosemary in it.  (Both are from my back garden.)  And I am enjoying the shade of my umbrella as a sit at my long-awaited marble bistro style cafe tables.


It took four months for them  to arrive, but they are here. I spent about an hour putting them together...

It couldn't have been easier. 

And now that they are finally here, and that I can see that the space really does work well together, I have to make a final decision on chairs.

I had originally wanted a custom-built bench to go along the walls in an L shape. And I was going to use the three red woven chairs along the open sides.  But the carpenter I consulted with advised against a closed outdoor seating bench (I wanted to box benches built so that I could store cushions in them) because of rodents and spiders.

"They will camp out in them," he said. "Spiders love it here in California."


I know very well that spiders love it here. 

So my options are to either buy three more of the red chairs. Buy a bench/have a bench built for the long wall side and buy one additional red chair to go on the window side.  Or go ahead and have an L shaped bench built, but not a boxed one - just a traditional bench.