Five Days Till I Leave For A Game-Changing Ayahuasca Tour.

A week from today, I will be on my way to the lodge on the Amazon River for my fourth ayahuasca tour.

Fourth in just under two years. Fifth tour with Blue Morpho, if you count the San Pedro & Astrology tour I did this time last year.

By the end of the week, I will have gone through my 20th ayahuasca ceremony overall. 


As I was prepping with a test pack yesterday, I pulled out the head lamp that I have worn in every aya ceremony... And realized it was no longer working.

The corrosion from the spit that came out of my mouth in the "Rainbow Vomiting" sequence of the last aya tour appears to have damaged it for good.  Which meant I needed to buy a new one. ASAP.  And I did. I grabbed one at the local REI Store on my way to yoga, easy enough.

And now I can confirm that all of the clothing and equipment I am taking on this tour...

... Does indeed fit into my Onnit backpack I bought before my last trip to the jungle.

I was able to get tunics and a maxi dress... All of my sunscreen and toiletries... Plus my chargers for my electronics (the new river lodge does have electricity for a few hours every day) into the backpack. The only things I will carry separately in my "personal item" will be my kindle and my podcasting microphone.

Yep. Going to do some recording while down there. Or rather, I hope I will.  Still TBD.

Still, though, I'm looking forward to this purge. This one is going to be a game-changer for me.

How do I know that?

Because I've decided to let it be.  And it really is as simple as that, folks.