Flannel Sheets: The Best Thing Of My Life So Far This Week.

I have completely de-acclimated to cold weather. I can't handle one bit of it.

Now, I'm not nearly as bad as some of the I've encountered here in Southern California... I mean, if the temperature dips below 60 degrees, I'm not running for my heaviest wool jacket. But, I am jacking the heat up in my car.

Sad, I know.

Just two years ago (not even, actually), I was hard core when it came to cold weather. Now, as I lay in my house, adamant that I not have the heat officially turned on, I can't get warm. I am perpetually cold as of late.

So much so that I pulled my flannel sheets - which had been packed at the top of a spare closet - out and put them on my bed.

Flannel. Sheets.

This is SoCal! I shouldn't need these!

Yet, I do. 

And I am tucked into the sheets, wearing an oversized cashmere sweater as a pajamas... Trying to get warm enough to drift off to sleep in a little while. 

In this evening's yoga class - which was so oppressively hot that a third of the room (me included) sat our most of the class - I couldn't handle holding the ice cold lavender towel they provide each student at the end of class.

Once again, the contrast of the hot room with the towel was too much for my senses to tolerate.  Even holding it against a wrist was too much.

And just two hours later, after a hot shower and a warm cup of tea, I am still cold. These sheets are my dream com true. And they will embrace me in warmth till I drift off asleep.