Purging Already In Iquitos.

I'm in Iquitos. Finally.

But I am also very, very sick.

Perhaps that is an exaggeration? The cough and chills that I had yesterday after yoga now are accompanied and partying with a headache and runny nose.

I passed out cold on both flights sown here. One was an eight hour flight The other was a two hour flight. I've mostly avoided dairy in the past 48 hours. And I've had to force myself to eat, because my appetite is gone.

When I landed in Iquitos, I went straight to my hotel room and took a cat nap for an hour, where I proceeded to hack while resting. I took my travel companion with me to dinner at Dawn on the Amazon...

Yum! The last fruit I'll have for about nine days: A banana, orange, mango smoothie. But you can, of course, see how tired I am. Yes?

My purging has already begun! It will be interesting to see how the ayahuasca mixes with a body already under going a serious purge.

And now it's just before 8pm, and we are each tucked into our rooms.  I am ready for bed. Now.