Spinning Logic Podcast - A Repeat Guest!

First Truth: Jason Havey is one of my favorite people.

Second Truth: I have never met him in person, but have spent probably about 20 hours at this point talking to him. Nevermind the stream of conversations we've had through various messengers agents.

Third Truth: He has quickly become one of my closest friends and confidants in the past two months.

Anyway... Recently, after a long drive from San Diego to Phoenix for me... And a long day of opening a new business segment and doing two other podcast interviews... We did a podcast together.

He interviewed me immediately after he finished interviewing Marc Shackman, from the Ayahuasca Healings center.  I was curious for him to tell me all about it. And we discussed my thoughts based on his replay of the interview for me.  We also discussed other things... Mainly our friendship.

He's someone I admire and see as a mentor. He is a positive influence to all who encounter him. He has a great perspective on life, and is someone you should all be listening to.

Not just because he seems to like having me on his podcast repeatedly.

Jason Havey can teach us a lot of things.  Probably the biggest being how to grow an awesome beard. Which is obviously a symbol of wisdom. So really, if you're not listening, you're missing out on some learnings!