Ten Years In... Fashion News Bores Me Now.

I'm coming up on my 10th year of blogging here. How crazy is that?

For me, it's so crazy. I joked a few months back that my yoga practice was officially longer than my marriage. And now, so is my blog. (And to think, Don Newman - my ex-husband - was not much of a fan of either.)

So beyond not being married anymore, there are other things that have shifted for me in the past 10 years. Other than my age, of course. As I was flipping through old posts from that first year, I would say that one of the most noticeable things about what I share in this space now versus then is all of the style and fashion stuff.

I was obsessed with it for many years.

Now, it's not to say that I don't care about that stuff anymore. I just don't share much of it in this space. Most of the time you'll see it in my Pinterest board.  But even then, I'm not nearly as fanatical about it as I once was. Trends are fun to see. But mostly, it bores me to think about them. If anything, I am more obsessed with the creative process and thought that most designers go through as they create.

I find the learning about the intimate moments and habits that go into that creative process for others feeds my inspiration personally. I'm so self conscious when it comes to my creative output that most of what I create never is seen or heard. I thought I was the only one who was like this... Feeling like a complete "hack" when it comes to seeing what my mind has created. But the more I watch documentaries, talk to people, read articles about the routines and habits of creativity creation, the more normal I feel.

It's completely normal to feel like what you created isn't good enough to share. The most arguably talented people out there often feel that way too. Not everything they create is a home run. But they keep at it.

So when I think about it now, my obsession with following sartorial news and trends for so many years was a good thing... It helped me evolve into a person with more confidence. Comfortable that simply having persistence in creating (in my case, stories) will lead to fulfillment.

And as for my personal style and how it's shifted in the past 10 years... I'll leave that for another blog post.