"That" Place.

The mind - at least mine, anyway - does an incredible purge when in a Bikram yoga class.  I'd forgotten how great the practice is for moving thoughts and ideas through the brain!

I'm now 18 classes into this challenge. And this week so far in class has been very challenging. But outside of class... My cerebral patterns seem to have snapped and gotten their shit together!

I have no anxiety. I am focused. I'm able to reason with my ego more easily.

Trust me, in class I am a mess mentally. Anger, laughter, being on the verge of tears... All of that happens in the 90 minutes. But afterwards, I leave... And things fall into logical order to deal with for me.

"You've got 'this', 'this,' 'this', and 'that' to do, Heather. Do them in this order," my brain seamlessly instructs me.

I typically stress and argue with myself about feeling overwhelmed and being able to get it all done. But this week? I seem to be in a rhythm now that allows me to carry myself calmly and get shit done.  Even while I have last minute requests and additions to my list of responsibilities.

It's exactly how I feel after a week of ayahuasca.

Tonight's class was by far the best I've had in this challenge to date. My depth, form, and endurance were stronger than it has been for a while. And my body is falling into poses naturally, with little effort from my part to get into them. Instead, the effort and focus for me is to just hold the pose.

It's brilliant to be back there... To that place of just existing and not worrying.  My stays in that place have always been short. But i consider myself lucky every time I get to touch them.

What has me most excited to continue on this challenge is what happens next. I mean, if I am already "here" in the challenge and am only about 15% of the way through... Imagine what will unfold in me over the next 85%!

I'm looking forward to exploring "that" space some more. The place where everything feels balanced within me.

It was quite the (hot yoga) fight inside of me to get it there.