Two Weeks Till the Jungle.

Time is flying!

I realized today - like, really realized - that I am two weeks from leaving on my next trip to Iquitos, Peru.

I  mean, I knew in the back of my mind that, "Yeah, it's January. I have my next Plant Medicine Journey coming up"... But it wasn't until I was pinged in Facebook Messenger today by my travel companion for this trip that they were getting ready that I was like...


Brain has snapped into place.  I have to get my things in order... Packing list. Battery check for my headlamp. Figuring out my clothing situation for the Jungle Summer. Uploading books to my Kindle. Figuring out how to pack up my podcasting equipment. SCHEDULE interviews to do while there for my podcast.

And then, I have to give thought as to what my personal goal for the trip this time will be. What will I be working through with the ayahuasca medicine this time? What do I want to come out of the jungle with having pondered?

I will be meditating on this later today.