Class 50: The Mat-Less Class.

It was hectic getting out the door this morning.

I was just so exhausted. I don't even know why, exactly. 

In the rush to get on my 30-ish mile commute, I managed to completely forget not only my clothes to wear after yoga, but I forgot my yoga mat completely.


And I didn't realize it till I got into the studio and realized I didn't have it. I attempted to rent one from the studio... But this being the studio that annoys the crap out of me, I learned that they don't have yoga mats to rent.

So I guess, "never anticipate just dropping into that studio for a class on a whim." Right?


This just meant I had to rock my 50th class (more or less the halfway point in this challenge) like this...

Just a towel down on a faux hardwood floor.

Brilliant. And a little painful in the floor series.

So how am I doing 50 classes in? Fairly good. I had an amazing class last night in Encinitas, and then the teacher tonight in the other studio I practice at was pretty solid too. I've had a bit of lower back limitation and tightness in the past two weeks... So backbends have pretty much disappeared. But I've made incredible progress on all of my forward bends.

Even Standing Head to Knee. You know, "the bane of my existence"?

My practice ebbs and flows. I blaze along, kicking ass and rocking it out. Then the next class I hit a new blockage, and have to spend some time working my way through it.

My practice is strong. But my mental game still has some catch-up to do.  As usual.

I have 51 classes left, and 42 days in which to do them. Good times.