Healing With Spirit Water.

On my ayahuasca journey, I spent some time talking to one of the ceremonial assistants about other healing modalities he uses. The conversation was spawned by two little bottles I saw next to his chair.

They contained perfumes that he had collected on a journey. One had a gorgeous jasmine oil in it. He said he used them prior to ceremony to create a positive space for his journey. He offered me some to put on.

It rolled out smoothly onto my wrist and created a personal bouquet.  

The next day, the day off from ceremony, I was talking to him again about his use of various things for healing. Between Sacred Geometry, the ayahuasca-San Pedro-Sanango medicines, meditation, perfumes and oils... He covers a lot of ground with knowledge on what is available in alternative healing.

"I use crystals," he said. "I soak them in water overnight, and drink their water in the morning."

I had never heard of this before and found myself really curious.

"Why?" I asked. "What does that do?"

He said that it places their essence in him. 

"Can't you just carry them with you?" I asked. It's what I did. I carry crystals with me all of the time. Some for protection. Some for grounding. Some for luck.

"When you drink the water they are soaked in, they are with you," he said. "You don't need to carry them with you."

When I got back to civilization, and an Internet connection, I researched it. It's known as "Spirit Water", and it's said to bring the structure of the energy from the stones and align into your body.

There are other ways to make spirit water. You can use oils and flowers. 

Definitely something for me to explore further.