Psychedelic Milk Podcast: Talking About Puking Rainbows With Ed Liu.

Last weekend (the long Valentine's Day weekend) I had the opportunity to be a guest on not just one but TWO podcasts. One which is near and dear my heart... And the other which was just launching, and in which I was the first guest.

I spend a good hour plus talking with host Ed Liu (based in Hong Kong) about my plant medicine journeys for his new site Psychedelic Milk.

Psychedelic Milk was created by Ed to explore conversations with people who have had experience with psychedelics and other alternative healing treatments.

I'm excited to see who else Ed brings on the podcast, and what conversations they end up having about an area that I am really excited about and hope others start to get excited about too. 

Give it a listen... You can listen through Ed's sight or through iTunes...