If The Country Is About To Go Into Idiocracy, We Might As Well Be In Paris And Drink Ourselves Into Acceptance Of It?

"I think we should go to Paris to watch the election results in November."

This was my BFF of nearly eight years, Frogger, texting me earlier this week.

She and Bail (other friend, both still dwell in Boston) are looking at the current election season and already being sent into a panic at the potential of the next four years being carried by an Idiocracy level of momentum and decision making.

I hesitate to point out that to some degree, we are already there. But yes, there's always the potential for it to get far, far worse.

Their take is that it would be a ton of fun to sit in some European city, drinking late into the night/into the morning watching the results come in. Their initial preference was for Paris.



A city I have been to three times now. And really only think should be ventured to once. There are much better cities... More exciting cities... In France to give your attention to. My preference is for Bordeaux.  So I was less excited by the idea of a European trip for Election Day.

Then, later in the week, Frogger got nostalgic for Rome.

A city I love. A city I first went to for a belated honeymoon in 2004. A city she and I went to eight years ago together. A city I went to nearly two years ago with my sister, Red.

The first time I went, I stayed in the outskirts of the city... In a very nice, but sterile hotel. I had to take the metro everywhere, because you could not walk to the sites.  The second time I went, with Frogger, we stayed near the Spanish Steps in a boutique hotel. We drank lots of wine, and were educated on the more scandalous side of the Vatican Museum.  We walked everywhere, not having to take a cab. (Except when Frogger's shoes made it necessary.)

It was awesome.

When I went on my Seven in Seven travels, I toured many of the same sites again... We stayed in that same boutique hotel near the Spanish Steps. We bought phallic-shaped pasta for her husband. And I made Red drink lots of Apperol Spritzes and eat lots of pizza with prosciutto.

It was awesome.

So the idea of spending Election Day in "bella Roma" sounds immensely appealing.

The Eternal City always calls me back. And I go, willingly.