Scene From A Saturday Morning Ritual.

I never will understand having the liberty to sleep in on a Saturday. 

Normally, I'm in bed till about 7:30am... Slowly waking up, refusing to pull myself from my warm flannel sheets and fluffy duvet. 

Today, though, I am doing it a little bit earlier than normal. I have a busy day ahead of me, and was up at 6:30am pulling my weekend ritual (when I don't go to the early morning yoga class) together...

Breakfast tray loaded with caffeine, oatmeal with coconut, and an almond croissant that I baked.  I sit for an hour, warming myself with the meal while reading whatever I have recently been sent. Today it happens to be Domino magazine.

And I take my caffeine seriously enough that I even like to simultaneously consume drip coffee and espresso...

It is going to be difficult for me to ever allow my weekend mornings to consist of anything other than this ritual. I love this too much to ever give it up.  Even if I have to do it earlier than I normally would on a Saturday.  It's part of my process for setting the pace of my weekend.

As silly and simple as this seems, it's too much a part of me.

Never give up the rituals that shape your mental energy.