So Long, Gym Membership.

I did it!

I got my squat rack all put together!

And it only took me watching a video on YouTube on how to put it together to realize I needed a tool that I didn't have...

A ratcheting wrench.

At least, I think that's what it is called. That's what the guy at the Home Depot told me it was called. He showed me how to use it. And I felt confident once I got home, using it quickly to assemble this bad boy...

Pretty awesome.

I'm excited to train on Monday morning. I spent part of yesterday evening putting together a program for myself. It's been there weeks since I lifted. So it will be "baby steps" getting back into it.

But I'm super excited about my plates...

They're all the same size. They're bumper plates. Which means if I drop them, they bounce. They're less likely to cause damage to the floor if I do drop them.

Goodbye, gym membership. I don't need you any more. Not your outrageous fees. Not your sketchy showers that never work and drip water after you've turned it off. Not the fear of catching MRSA from touching the equipment, which no one ever wipes down. Not the arguments with dumbasses about working in between their sets.