The Synesthesia Of The Maestro's Icaros & The Fractal Light.

I know that you know (if you know me personally or read this blog frequently enough) that I am into all kinds of alternative therapies. Beyond my fascination with learning more about plant medicines, I am a fan of:
  • Cryotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Massage
  • Wim Hof Method
  • Crystals
  • Floating
And because of my use of the last one on the above list, I was introduced to a new therapy that I definitely want to pursue more... The Lucia Light Experience.

It's a light machine that I laid under for about 30 minutes prior to floating in a deprivation tank for 90 minutes.

And it was very cool.

You can tell from the video that these people enjoyed the experience. But I'm sure you are wondering what it was like and what the benefits are.  And, of course, exactly what happens when you sit or lay in front of it.

After signing a waiver, the technician guiding me gave me a pair of headphones. She was about to give me a few samples of music to choose from for my treatment, but I stopped her.

"Could I use my own music selection?" I asked.  "I have some Peruvian icaros from a shaman I see in the jungle. I'd love to pair it with them."

She said that would be totally fine. So I loaded up my own music and laid down on the table, with the light hanging over me.

It wasn't a vary big light. It was round, maybe 8 inches in diameter. I closed my eyes and booted up the music. She did two sample light patterns for me quickly, to determine if I wanted to use a more intense and frequent light pattern... Or if I wanted something softer and gentle.  I voted for something in between.

She started it up for me, and I laid listening to my icaros while my eyes were closed.

It was like watching ayahuasca fractals.

It was very cool.

Only they were much more pigmented. I saw very sharp and bright colors.  Mostly blues and oranges, which were unlike the soft pastels I see when on ayahuasca.

This is my poor attempt at drawing what I saw.

But more important was how I felt.

Obviously, relaxed. But at the same time, more aware of my body and abilities. They get so muddled in everyday life. Diluted by the energy of others. The Lucia Light was a quick buzzing connection to that insight.

Afterwards, I mentioned to the technician that the blinking and colorful lights I saw were really intense and pigmented.

"You know it only shines white light at you, right?" she said.

I had no idea. I would have guessed that the patterned light was just one color. It came off incredibly rich in colors.

I got up from the table buzzed. My head was spinning. It was more powerful than a long meditation.

I showered and got directly into the float tank, and continued my journey of unfolding and connecting my thoughts for another little while. It was a very powerful float session.

I wanted to try it again. I still do.