A More Relaxing, Less Chaotic, & Healthy Lifestyle Is Upon Me.

Four days a week (usually) I have been driving the 28 miles to and from work. That's 56 miles round trip. 

And while the map says that it is only 34 minutes... It often takes one and a half times that to get downtown in the morning. And coming home at night - depending on what time i get out of the office - it takes twice that.

So on average, it's about an hour and a half of my day that gets sucked up in a car commuting. 

Sure, I have spent that much time commuting to most of my jobs. But just trying to get on the freeway in Encinitas to head downtown to San Diego often took 20 minutes itself.

And I only live about five minutes from the freeway.

So when the survey came around at work asking if we should have a North County office - and where should it be... Most of us encouraged that it be in Encinitas.  A good chunk of the company has people who live up the coast this far. And most of us live in this little weird beach town. 

So the new satellite office is much closer to my home. 

Yep... I can drive here in 10 minutes. It's only four miles away. And I don't even have to get on a freeway to get there.

This means that I can roll out of bed at 8:15am, and still make it to work on time at 9am. This is an important development in aiding the lifestyle I have created wherein I sleep as much as possible.

The new office, as you can see, is close to the beach. I could walk to it in five minutes at lunch time. And intend to do that every day I am there, if I can.  A regular walking and dipping of my toes in the water is good for the soul.

My soul, anyway. I have no idea about your soul. Your soul could prefer the chaos of urban noise and not having to wear SPF everyday because you are "naturally" shaded by the tall concrete buildings. That's how I used to roll. And it's very much a contrast to how people here in SoCal roll. 

Sunshine... A walk to the beach... And a pop into the Whole Foods, which is right downstairs form the office...

Along with a wine bar and a beer garden.

And the Bikram studio is about a mile away.  Which means I can work straight till 6pm every day, then roll out to class. No taking work home. I won't be rushed out the door at 5pm for the hour and 15 minute drive to get to the studio from downtown, and still have a pile of work to plow through when I get home at 8:30pm.

This new office - as my awesome CEO pointed out - is giving quite a few of us about an hour and a half of our lives back every day.

More time sleep. To meditate. To write. To spend time in a way that is meaningful.

I'm really happy about this.

Now... To give some thought to how to decorate this...

A very plain and basic desk.

Oh gosh! I just remembered! My car! I'll be going from 60 miles of driving each day down to less than 10 miles. Saving on gas and on servicing for my car!  Yay!