April 30th Is "Go To A Pawnshop Day."

I'm in Austin.  Visiting the boyfriend  It was a last minute trip decision... Having been three weeks since we saw each other last, and me not having anything significant planned to do in San Diego... I figured, "Why not head out for the weekend?"

So I hopped on a plane late Friday, and arrived in Austin very early on Saturday. Just for two days.  But so far, it's been a fun adventure of a day... He took me to a pawnshop!

Well, first he took me to Popeye's for chicken and mashed potatoes.

Then, after our lunch date, we came upon a pawnshop. He'd never been in one before.

"The last time I was in a pawnshop was when I pawned my engagement ring after my divorce was finalized," I said "I'd never been in one either, but had always wanted to go in one."

We decided to stop in at the shop.

"I'm gonna buy a handgun!" he said.

I laughed.  He was joking.

I think.

We walked in and noticed a lot of TVs. I saw a sweet sword and crossbow that would be perfect for some Sunday Night Cosplay for Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead while I watch the shows.

Most things were way more than i would pay for them used. But then we came across a cabinet of curiosities that were al marked down to $5.

One of them was a flute.

"I should buy that," I said. "I played as a child and was quite good. I haven't played in 25-ish years though."

The boyfriend decided it was something he wanted to buy me.

"Wow!" I said.  "You treat me to Popeye's for lunch. Now you're buying me a used flute for $5. This is a super romantic day!"

Funny thing is... I wasn't being sarcastic. It actually was a sweet and funny day.

So we got our flute - in tact with the price tad still dangling from it and no case for it - and walked out. It wasn't until later, as I was browsing through my Facebook photos, that I realized that it was exactly two years to the day that I had first visited that pawnshop in Harvard Square in Boston.

How crazy, right? And it wasn't even my idea to go!

A new tradition starts today, by default.  Every year, on April 30th, I will go to a pawnshop. Either to sell or by something.