Birthday Cupcake. Just One. Okay, Perhaps Two?

I much prefer staying home than going out to eat. Usually.

I like cooking. I enjoy turning my kitchen into a complete mess, with crumbs and stickiness all over the floor.

Given that today is my birthday, I decided to make myself a cupcake - just one - from scratch.

The best I could find is a recipe for two cupcakes, which would have to do.

Because seriously... Like I am just going to eat one cupcake?

I adapted the recipe to include some coconut flavoring, and got to assembling everything.

Sugar & Egg White

Flour & Butter
Two prim little cups filled in the tin!

Twenty minutes later, golden goodness.

 They turned out divine. Even though I didn't have any baking powder on hand. So they probably would have been a little less dense. But they were gorgeously yummy, especially with the butter cream frosting I quickly assembled - again - with coconut flavoring.

Complete perfection. In just two little cakes.