I Am 2.2% "Beyonce": Using 23andMe.

In January, I came home to a random package at my front door. 

I had recently become accustomed to random packages showing up at my house, as a friend liked surprising me with things they thought I would like. It was always a nice surprise. And when I opened this box, it was something I very much liked receiving...

They had sent me a 23andMe DNA collection kit!

"I did this a few years ago," my friend said. "You should try it too. Plus, it'd be great to confirm we're not related."

(Yes. This friend was someone interested in me. Anyway...)

I opened the kit and took a peek at what I was going to have to deal with...

It seemed straight-forward enough. I had to avoid drinking or eating anything for 30 minutes. Then I would spit into a tube, seal it, and then mail it back using the prepaid packet.

Yum. Saliva!

I hopped online and registered the serial number.  The packet said it would take six to eight weeks to process, and the reports would be emailed to me.

It took almost three months to process.

I guess many people are doing these now, and so the processing part got back up a bit.  I logged in earlier this week and saw my status had changed...


I immediately began digging into the data. Of which there is quite a bit. Nothing too in-depth. But interesting things to note.  Such as...

Yeah... Based on my DNA, I am more likely to consume more caffeine than most people.

Um. Okay.  I didn't need the test to tell me that though. But I guess, on the other hand, I can blame my coffee habit on genetics. I am predisposed to liking coffee.

It wasn't all accurate, though...

It is a universal law that Molina babies are born with a shit-tonne of hair. All of us are. So this was not accurate. Or at least, I fall into the 31% with my genetic likelihood.

And as far as hair texture goes, it was definitely accurate...

Yep. I have slightly wavy hair, naturally. They scored correct on my eye color. And on me being able to smell asparagus in my urine. Also that I am a carrier for the Cystic Fibrosis gene, which I already knew. They got the fact that I have detached ear lobes correct. And also that I am likely not a sprinter.

So it was cool. I found it to confirm a lot of what I already knew about myself.

As for my ancestry... I am only 4% Neanderthal. And my ancestral breakout looks as follow...

European, mostly. Yep.

Native American at 20%... Which makes sense, with my Mexican roots. 

Only 0.8% Middle Eastern... Which I have noted means I am unlikely related to Jesus Christ.

But the 2.2% that is "Unassigned"?

I have deduced - with the help of a friend - that this means I am 2.2% "Beyonce."

I mean, what else could it be?