Learning To Pace Myself.

I have a bad habit. An addiction. To landing in a lifestyle where I work intensely, and surrender the little personal time I have to physically and mentally dealing with work.

I've been much better at it in the past year, at my current job, because I've prioritized (and been vocal about) my personal time. There were moments where I let my personal time be usurped. But mostly I've been good about keeping my time prioritized.

It's tough though.

I moved to California and created a personal sanctuary of a home so that I could enjoy moments like this every day...

This is one of the first times - on Saturday - this year that I spent time laying out back and enjoying nature.

Sure, until a few weeks ago, I'd been prioritizing and focused on my yoga challenge... Which ate up a number of hours each weekend. Then I'd come home and be obsessed with cleaning and organizing. And with checking on some work projects I had going.  I had little time for truly enjoying doing "nothing" and relaxing.

But in the past three weeks, I've started to figure out how to be better about relaxing and decompressing and enjoying my moments.

I am still working intense hours, dealing with a lot of personalities, and spending a large chunk of my time and energy problem-solving.  But I've started to cut it off past a certain point. A time of day. A length of time. And I'm feeling much better about letting go of that intense push.

And I'm able to enjoy those moments I spent a ton of energy and time setting up for myself in the past two years...

Napping outside!

This is the start of a larger shift that is heading my way.