Making Time For Self-Training. Finally.

I stopped training with my trainer back in February... Because he moved back to Australia. In early March, I finally acquired my squat rack and bench from Rogue Fitness... And putting it together was a workout itself.

But I didn't use any of it much. I was focused on preserving my energy for all of the yoga classes I was doing. So my eight training got put aside.  

But now it's back!

After a few weeks of focusing on sleep, I'm now back to my morning routines. Only this time, I'm doing it solo. And I'm being serious about programming for myself. 

That's what I do on Sundays... I spend some time figuring out my program for the week. 

It's three days... Pretty typical stuff. There is an Upper Body day and a Lower Body day. The third day it's a Full Body Kettle Bell workout.  And three to four Bikram classes a week. But only during the week. 

No classes on weekends. Not normally.

I've decided my weekends are purely for me. As in, my mind. Resting. Doing things that make me happy. Trying not to do anything that brings any stress to my mind... Which yoga definitely does - as it is a purge.

It felt good to get back to using these things this morning...

I didn't use the big boys - the Zombie ones. Those will get used later this week with some swings. But the rest were used. Along with my barbell and my TRX contraption.

It was a decent workout, according to my Apple Watch...

That's about what I would burn through in 30 minutes with the trainer too. So it's effective in the same way, to some degree. I'm not lifting as heavy of weight now that I am doing this solo. And I won't be until I get really confident on my own and not having a spotter.

But it was amazing being able to roll out of bed, grab a shot of espresso, then head into the garage to focus on my upper body and core.