The Importance Of A Reset Weekend.

For the past few days, I've been tucked away in a the mountains of Evergreen, Colorado for a "Reset Weekend."

Truthfully, every weekend is a "reset" or me. Especially on Sundays. But this weekend in Evergreen is particularly resetting for me because it involves shamanic work and plant medicines. And it's been awesome.

I've shared the weekend with two other people. One, my boyfriend. The other a friend from Phoenix. We're staying at a bed and breakfast style inn with super comfy rooms. But I do wish I had splurged on the treehouse suite...

This just looks amazing. Next time, I'm totally splurging for this one. That would have been an amazing space to decompress and rest in for a few days.

My usual weekly reset involves:
  • Sleep in.
  • Heat up a Trader Joe's Almond croissant and drink two cups of coffee in bed while reading online news.
  • Lounge around writing and catching up on TV shows via Netflix and HBONow.
  • Fill up my car with gas and run it through the carwash line.
  • Head to yoga for a late-afternoon class.
  • Hit the grocery store on the way back, picking up awesome stuff to make for dinner.
  • Shower and wash hair.
  • Make and eat dinner.
  • Read and bubble bath.
  • Sleep.
I'm pretty boring. And I like it.

This weekend is different, however, because the reset involves lounging around during the day... Then headed to the retreat space to consume some plants and meditate in a shamanic ceremony for a few hours.

Just as it is with the retreats down in the Amazon, I've gotten a lot of processing done as a result of these ceremonies. And we still have one tonight, before heading back to reality tomorrow.  

Then it will be time for integration. 

An integration from a weekend of being largely disconnected, which allowed me to figure out how to get some things I've been want to get done, done. A plan. A vision of a plan.

This is what the "Reset Weekend" is best for... Cutting out the distractions and allowing the mind to explore and develop a vision.

I need to book more of these.