Transiting Uranus - It's Gonna Be A Disruptive Year!

Tomorrow is my birthday. And it's apparently a big one.

Not because I am celebrating my last "30-something" birthday.  (Age doesn't frighten me, and I think it's annoying when people freak out about aging.)  No... This is apparently going to be a big year for me according to the stars.

As in, "My star chart."

For reference, here is my birth chart, which Mark Flaherty - a wonderful astrologer I met through Blue Morpho - walked me through last year for my birthday treat...

This most recent session with Mark took place this past weekend. And according to him, I'm in for a huge year of change.

“I see this as a year as something is changing in that regard," said Mark. "There is something about this is your time to put your voice out there in the world more.”

Mark informed me that I have three transits of Uranus happening in this next year. (WHOA! Scandalous!) They will be taking place:
  • May 12th
  • October 21st
  • March 4th

"Uranus is about deep feelings," said Mark. 

"I bet it is," I wanted to say. But instead of being the juvenile almost 39-year old that I am, I listened to him explain.

“Something for sure is going to happen in a big way. Archetypically, Uranus represents freedom."


Mark also pointed out that at the start of March, my Sun progressed sextile from Saturn into Uranus... Which is a big sign of change coming.

“Uranus is the revolutionary. It is the opposite of Saturn, which is always about structure. Saturn is an indication that something deep held you back. And Uranus is all about wanting to break chains. Embodying your own idiosyncratic nature. It’s about doing things your own way. Uranus challenges you to examine where you are not being authentic to who you are right now."

"It’s a change to how you’ll be expressing your self. discovery. Uranus comes in... And provokes sudden and unexpected changes. The drive to be free and find yourself in some way.”

Which, I'll admit, was so great to hear. 

I've moved from this overarching feeling of living life in a structured way because I am supposed to, to starting to live life more on my own terms. It's been a slow progression itself to get comfortable with this idea. But it is looking like now is the time to push for the things I want to make happen in my personal life with regards to flexibility on a few fronts.

“The worst thing you can possibly do is try to keep your life the way it is," said Mark. "This is all about moving in harmony of what life wants for us.  A Uranus transit to the Sun is a time of exactly that. It’s a chaotic.  It’s not a stable planet. There’s some major flux going on.”

“It can be a really difficult transit. But it can be very good. It can be a disruptive transit or an exciting one. It's always about how you relate to it.” 

He explained a little bit about Uranus being connected to the nervous system. And since he works for Blue Morpho, he knows that I am scheduled to be on the Sanango tour in June.

“There's no better time to do Sanango than under Uranus," he said. "The key thing that it brings into your life is honesty and integrity. You can’t lie to yourself anymore. Sanango pushes and pushes on that until you make that change to operate from a deeper core integrity and authenticity to yourself.”

“It will be a major part of figuring in you what you need to change.”

There was much more he went over. But I am holding onto all of that for now. Mostly because I need to figure out how to begin to integrate it. But in the mean time, I have to give a a high review to Mark for his straight-forward no-nonsense reading. He's very direct and good. And hard to nail down for a reading, given he travels! But if you can nail him down, he's worth it.