Vignette: Channeling "Channing" In My Work Space.

Many people have offices in their home that end up unused. Or, if they are used, it's typically to store crap.

I am not one of those people. Anything you see in my house has a purpose and gets used. And one of my most used spaces is my desk in my home office. I love that room. And once a week I work from home using it during the day. On weekends I actually spend hours in it writing and Netflix-binging. And occasionally, in the evenings, I toil away at the desk, "internet-ing."

It's one of my favorite places in my home. Which is saying something... Because I have a lot of awesome spaces in my home.

Here is my desk...

It's a bright orange lacquer desk from Jonathan Adler. It's the "Channing" desk... Named after one of my film icons, Margo Channing from one of my favorite movies, "All About Eve."

(A classic film all women - and men, really - must watch!)

Yes, I keep a lot of stuff on the desk.  But I assure you it all has purpose. And the desk is even Feng Shui-ed. (Which I will write about in a post some other time.)

Reference books... Technologies... Notebooks... A cocktail... Scented candle... Everything one needs near them to be inspired to try to create. I even have a Happy Meal "Magic 8-Ball" toy in the shape of a female skull that I sometime pick up and play with when I am momentarily at a loss for creative thought.

Scratches are quite visible on the desk, from all the things I shift around on it. I am tempted to get a second one, and align them back-to-back to make one large desk/table. But that would be really indulgent. Plus, I'd have to move this really comfy couch out of there if I did that.

I've had an office before... Pretty much in every swelling I've called "home" in the past 10 years. It is a space that will always get a lot of use by me.

I've no time for useless space. And I require a desk that can hold the space. A bright orange desk named after a female character whose story in the movie is about her being 40 years old and pondering what is in store next for her career.

I mean, really. How perfect.. Yes?