"Qu'est Que Tu Fais Ce Weekend?"

"What are you going to do this weekend?"

Um. Yeah... My weekends in May are filled up.

In fact, this was the only weekend that I had free in May. And it only included one day in May.

I'm a busy girl.

Next weekend is Phoenix. The weekend after will find me back in Austin. The weekend after that, I have friends coming to visit me in Encinitas. The weekend after that is for a trip to Madison.

I've never been much of a "getaway for the weekend" kind of person.  When I lived in NYC the first time, I was not a Hamptons or Upstate NY weekend girl.  I lived in Boston for a straight eight years... And never once did I go to Provincetown, The Cape, or The Vineyard.  And in Toronto, I was never visited the (in-law) family "cottage" (glamorous house on a lake) north of Toronto.

The way I always figured it, when everyone else leaves town... That's the best time to stay put. Plus, back then, I didn't have any money. So it wasn't economically viable to afford to leave town.

No, though, my life seems to include a lot of opportunities I'm willing to explore to stay busy and active - even in my free time.

My perspective on my time is changing - quite quickly, in fact - in the past few months. Actually, you could say it's changed quite a bit in the past year. I've now been at my current company for a year. A YEAR! This is a big deal. I've found myself being needed a lot in my role, but still being able to choose to step away and have a life outside of work. The energy I'm surrounded by makes me feel comfortable and free to step away and not work on a weekend.

And I recognize that. And appreciate that.  And if it ever changes, I'll be quick to change.

I loved this weekend. Stepping away, flying a thousand miles away, all for a date at Dave & Busters...

I dominated at Skeeball, by the way.

So totally worth it. Worth the flight. Worth giving up my usual weekend routine.

That's what I did this weekend. And I went to a pawnshop.