Six Months In Paris.

I'd obsessed about it for years.

I kid you not. It was years.

And about three and a half years ago, I finally caved and splurged on something I knew that would get a lot of use... An Hemes Evelyne bag.

It traveled to all seven continents - even the Amazon jungle - with me. It's been my go-to bag for everyday too, making me ignore the collection I had built up before then. 

It was the perfect "walking around bag." And it is the only one I brought with me to Boston. But now it is not usable...


I snapped one - and am on the verge of snapping the second - hook of the strap.

This is due to what I tend to throw in it, which took it's toll over the years:

  • Full water bottles
  • Multiple laptops - yes, more than one
  • Books, laptops, podcasting mic, toiletries bag while traveling
  • Hot yoga clothes sack, after 90 minutes of sweating

I've clearly tested the boundaries of what the hooks can support. And they have decided they are not taking it anymore.

"Well," I said, "I'm in Boston, where I bought the bag originally. I'll take it back to the store to have them fix it."

A jaunt over yesterday afternoon ended with me being told that they would need to send the entire thing to Paris, to be fixed by the artisans who created it. 

"And with customs and everything," the sales person said, "you should expect it to be gone for six months."

I thanked her, and took my strap, as I hadn't brought the entire bag into the shop with me. I now have to decide if I let the Boston shop send it to Paris for me, or if I ask the San Diego shop to do it. 

I wondered if I could take it to a bag and shoe repair person to be fixed, as it's just the hooks that need to be replaced...

"No," I said. "Do it the right way."

I sighed. And vowed to send to Paris when I get to San Diego in May. And also vowed to be more careful with using the bag.