Personal Year 8: H-to-the-IzzMo Turns Four-to-the-Izzo.

The day went by in a blur. For once, I didn't write. I didn't do yoga. I didn't take any "me time." I worked on the day. 

It was a very busy 40th birthday for me. 

I had tons of messages come in wishing me a happy year... Friends, beard friends, family, ex-husband, co-workers... I felt bad. I barely had time to thank them. It wasn't until the very end of the day that I finally got some food in me, but not before I had a few cocktails in me first...

 A civilized cocktail and a civilized accessory.

A civilized cocktail and a civilized accessory.

I was surprised with a birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant in Boston, No. 9 Park. I got to catch up with girl friends from over the years, and got to have a very elegant meal.

It was very different than my usual day-to-day, for sure.

By the time I got home (11pm, which has been late for me since the age of 25), I went straight to bed and slept till nearly 9am this morning.

Sleep is precious. But that's not something the 40 year-old Heather is saying. It's something I've been living since my teens. None times out of 10, I choose sleeping in over anything else.

I only today spent a little time doing my Personal Year numerology... And I find myself confused as to which direction to go in right now.

Why? I'll get to that later. First, my numbers... And calculating the day down to a single digit...

April 12, 2017

4+1+2+2+0+1+7= 17


I am in a Personal Year 8.

What's that all about?

A Personal Year 8 is about personal achievement. It's a year of accomplishing things, and manifesting things to fruition. When I look back on my past two Year 8s, they were notably achievement years.  

In 2008 (my last one), I had a lot of success in-house working in marketing. I got a fantastic raise... And with my bonus, had my first six-figure year. I also got a lot of writing done that year, and expanded my network of friends significantly. I also began to develop the "travel bug" with trips to Rome, London, and Melbourne. 

Prior to that, it was 1999. That was the year I graduated from university... Which was an achievement. Though, it was one I never doubted I would obtain. It was one of those innate things I had within me. I was the first kid in my family to attend a four-year university. I knew going in that I would graduate in four years. Not because I was some kind of academic (Ha! Far from it!)... But because in my mind I'd already done it. And I was just going through the physical steps of getting to that achievement.

But after graduating, I went into a bit of a tailspin. I was uncertain about what I wanted to do. I'd turned down opportunities to pursue what I'd studied in order to start making money. I chased money. I took a job I was not at all passionate about, simply because it was connected to what I had wanted to do and paid me a decent (but still pitiful) salary. I had to hold a second job, which I actually enjoyed far more than my day job. I'd had a dream of living in NYC... But I hadn't even been to the city. I was having a difficult time trying to picture how I could make that dream happen.

So much so that I felt myself drifting and directionless for a few months. Going through the motions of being responsible and making the logical choices.

(This is what Mark Flaherty would call my "Capricorn rising having an influence" on me.)

Eventually, I just leapt. I found myself in auto-pilot mode, once I'd made a decision to commit to a direction. And it paid off big. Right at the end of my Year 8.

Now, 17 years later, I am in the same situation. I'm deciding between two things... One direction which is being heavily influenced by my Capricorn rising nature. The other being influenced by Uranus and Mars and other mystic shit.

The synchronicity of what's happening in my astrological movement and my Personal Year movement isn't strange. They were in sync last year too. Which is why I like studying both angles when a birthday roles around.

And based on the focus of what's typical of a Personal Year 8, it seems that in order to see progress on the outlandish and random life I want to lead, I need to harness that Capricorn side and be disciplined in not acting against the outlandish desire... But for it.

I know that may seem confusing. But if the Capricorn rising in me is apart of my make-up at such a deep level, I might as well leverage that discipline for a more exciting life. 


Oh why am I even trying to examine things at such a deep level?

"Just leap, H-to-the-Izzmo. Just leap."