"'Thunder Mike' Would Be A Great 'Ride Or Die' Name."

It was sunny but breezy. Bail, Frogger, and I were sitting at a tall table for the wine tasting at the vineyard on the Cape this weekend. We weren't crazy about the wines that were part of the tasting, choosing to spit most of what we were poured into the stainless steel bucket on the table.

(In fact, I may have drank more water from the bottle on the tale meant to be used to rinse our glasses between the pours of the five wines we would be trying.)

Because the wine was "meh", we only paid slight attention to the wine education being dosed out... And turned our conversation to the randomness that tends to flow verbally into our space...

Which somehow turned to me mishearing something that was said. Which, let's be honest, isn't unusual, as I only half pay-attention in life. (Except when it comes to creepy stalkers that I end up stalking back.)

I don't recall what we were talking about at the time, but my response was, "Oh! 'Thunder Mike' would be a great 'ride or die' name!"

I got a bit of the "WTF" stare from my friends for a moment. Then they remembered what I am like to have around more often, and fell into the "this is normal for Heather" energy.

"That would be a great 'ride or die' name," they agreed.

I honestly think the only reason my friends keep indulging my presence is because of the sloppy segues I provide... Which likely make them feel much more pulled together in life than I actually am. 

In fact, you should all feel more pulled together in life than me. I am very random. And my mind is all over the place. 

But even so... I call dibs on "Thunder Mike" as my 'ride or die" gang name.