"I'm Only Pretending To Be An Adult."

That's my standard response to people when I receive some kind of compliment regarding something I've done that seems superiorly adult-like. 

Such as:

  • "We should start a business together." Which I've had said to me on multiple occasions. I'm not sure why people think I'd be good at running my own business. I AM, however, great at running other people's businesses. It's because I am good at leading by jumping in and serving. 
  • "You'd make an awesome mom." I love kids. I have no delusion about what I'd be giving up to have them. And nope, I am not unselfish enough to make that sacrifice. I salute those of you who are brave enough to weather The Motherhood/Fatherhood. Plus, this world could do with a good number of us not adding more people to the population.
  • "You'd be a great mentor for women. You're so strong." I caution people on this one. While I am decisive and a fast-thinker, I also suffer from MIGDAFA*. So know that I will be teaching others - NOT JUST WOMEN - that mentality too.
  • "You lead an interesting life." This one usually comes from my Mum, written in every birthday card. I admit that I let my curiosity run wild, and will try new (legal and usually responsible) things with little fear. 

I've said many times over and over again in my adult life, "I still feel like a kid, and am growing up." Many of us can relate to that - I'm told. 


For the past number of years, I've held in my mind this idea that if I build the perfect home and have a job that fits me perfectly... I'll feel settled and like an adult. Well, I very much have that, and I just signed a lease for a second residence 3000 miles away from my home and job.

So much for settling. I'll just continue pretending to be an adult, by my definition.


*Stands for My I Don't Give A Fuck Attitude, which I learned from one of my best friends, the Beard Friend.