Furnishing A Second Residence... Minimally In Style & Minimally In Cost. I Hope.

When I had envisioned myself splitting my time between the two coasts, I'd originally wanted a small studio that I could furnish with a few elegant and modern pieces.

"I'll be a minimalist in space and possessions with my Boston identity!" I said.

That is turning out to be more difficult of a dream to achieve. At least on the space front.

Because I have such particular needs with what I want in my space, it made finding a studio that had a bathtub, washer/dryer, and good sunlight impossible to find. If this were NYC, it probably would have been easy to find. But in Boston, there wasn't anything that included all things. Most bathrooms have small tubs, if they have them at all. Washer/dryers in them isn't as easy to find. And with studios, most of them are on the very bottom, basement-garden level. Which means not as much light coming into the place.

So I went with the one bedroom. And now, I have had to give thought to how to furnish a one bedroom. Which led me to seeing how much it would cost to move part of my furniture from California to Boston.

All of the online estimators came in at $3500, minimum. Which, yes, is just an estimate. You have to have someone from the moving company come and price out exactly what you want moved, and then give you the "more realistic estimate." The problem with the online estimator, though, is that you have to give your contact information in order to even use the online estimator. And the tool then gives your information as a lead to a number of moving companies.

A number of them. Like six different ones, by my count of the different companies that have reached out to me in the past few days.  Aggressively.

I was prepared for one to reach out. Maybe two. But no... It is many. And they call and email non-stop.


All weekend, while out with friends on the Cape, my phone kept lighting up ad my watch kept buzzing. And since I don't ever pick up the phone (even if I know you - you know to text me), I racked up a ton of voicemails.

"Take the hint!" I want to email back to the companies - because they love to email you right after they leave a message for you. 

I decided that given the cost of what it is likely to cost me furniture out here, and then back in a year or two, it just makes more sense to do what I originally planned to do: allocate a small budget to buy new furniture.

I'll go minimalist. And it will all cost me LESS than the quotes I've gotten for moving stuff out here. 

Now to figure out what to buy...