Calling "Dibs" On the Encinitas Place.

"Are you gonna rent your San Diego place out?"

"Are you gonna AirBnB it when you're not there?"

"Are you gonna take your car to Boston?"

All questions I've been repeatedly asked in the past week. And the answer to all of them is, "Nope."

My place is mine to return to every month, and relax. It's also available to my family and close friends as a place to relax. Free of charge. When I am away.

They know this. Which is why I already had one request for it.

"You gonna be in Boston or SD for Memorial Day?" I was texted this morning.

"Boston. You calling dibs on that weekend?" I wrote back.

Dibs, indeed. 

I love that. 

I love the idea that the place will have some energy running through it while I am away. That will keep the plants happy. And hopefully watered. 


And hopefully, people will clip some of the sage and lavender that grows wild in the back.