A Walk Without Purpose.

When I get out for my walks in Encinitas, which I try to daily, has me checking my steps on my Apple Watch every five minutes.

"How far have I walked?"

I walk most of the same routes every week. And while there are a lot of pretty things to look at, it feels perfunctory. 

It's different walking in Boston. Boston is a walking city. I've felt that way since I first stepped into it nearly 14 years ago. And when I get out for my daily walk, the step count seems to fly up in numbers. And I'm not checking my step count... At all. Not until I get home.

I walk with purpose now. I have to walk to get things done. To get groceries. To get to dinner with friends. To get coffee. To get to yoga. 

To live.

And then there are days, like yesterday, where it is so sunny and lightly warm that I walk just to walk. 

It's too pretty not to...

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Walking down through the South End, Back Bay, and the Public Garden made for a very serene late afternoon for me.

I've recently discovered a secret alleyway to get to my quiet street here in the South End. In the previous eight years that I had stayed here, and I hadn't ever seen it. And as someone who is obsessed with secret rooms and passageways, I was delighted to discover it.

The Public Garden was alive and buzzing in the Sunshine. People everywhere, watching squirrels chase each other, and taking pictures of the landscape.

"How lucky we are to have today."

I didn't stop anywhere or run any errands on my walk. I was just grateful for the Sun. And the chance to wander.