The Continued Saga Of The Pot-Scented Pregnant Cat Lady.

I'm an introvert. I spend a lot of time in my own mind - disappearing up into the clouds, and living out various versions of my life in parallel universes. However, I have a very good grip on this reality, and am probably more aware than the average person.

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that there have been a few posts over the past week about the couple staying in the AirBnB above me here in Boston. They too are AirBnB renters. And they seem to be magnets for drama. And though it had been a quiet day - for which I was grateful - their energy has now invaded my space.

And I have proof that I am not imagining any of this... And that this couple isn't part of a parallel version of Heather's life...

Listen up...

This is a two-part episode I recorded of The Pot-Scented Pregnant Cat Lady yelling at her boyfriend, D, about how upset she is that he has accused her of taking his stash of pot... And that she "doesn't even care about weed anymore."

This continued episode has the PSPCL confess to D that she feels she is the only one who cares about the baby.

Now, this is just a glimpse into what I've been having to listen to in the past few days.  I know far too much about this couple's sex life, their financial situation, PSPCL's inability to get a garbage bag onto the metal garbage can without breaking down into frustrating tears (I am sympathetic on this one)...

But no mention in the past few days of Otis, the cat.

I hope he's okay.