You Can't Make Me Podcast... Or "Podlisten".

A former colleague of mine posted this on Instagram earlier this week, and I feel like it summarizes what is happening in the podcasting world perfectly...


Too. True.

I know it to be true for at least myself.

Three years ago, I couldn't find enough podcasting content to satiate my listening habits. Now though, there are too many. It's great, but overwhelming too. And if you're going to be doing it, you have to really have your shit together. In particular:

  • Your audio quality - it can't be complete shit.
  • Your ability to interview/formulate sentences has to be smooth. And clear. You can't just "wing it. But you also can't have it seem like you are reading a script. Speaking of which...
  • They can't be too long. I would say about 45 minutes is good. It's long enough for a commute to and from work... Or one way to work (as is my case when I drive into the office in San Diego). Too many podcasts run too long these days.

I spend less time listening to podcasts these days. Surprisingly. At my birthday dinner a few weeks ago, friends were chatting about some podcasts that they had grown to like, and have become loyal listeners of in recent months.

I could - of course - be in the minority here when it comes to my waning interest in podcasts. If anything, I would argue that all of the podcast listening I did for so many years (starting 12 years ago with listening to two Harry Potter-focused podcasts I was devoted to following) has made me more self conscious about launching my own.

"You just gotta jump in and do it," one person, a podcaster, told me. "You gotta commit to it though."

And I think that's the biggest thing preventing me from moving forward with it right now. I don't want to commit to a regular schedule of releasing content. I want my life to be more free-flowing with how I spend my time. 

"Just do it," said my friend, HonoLiuLiu. "You need to be doing it."

"I will," I said back to him. "I just need to find my voice and perspective. And my commitment."

I want people to listen when I produce content. But I want it to be like this blog... If I feel I have the flexibility and freedom to produce content as I am inspired and see fit, I will be comfortable launching things.

I don't want it to be a regular thing. I want it to be innate to how I am feeling I want to release content.