The Television Sucks The Life Out Of You.

At precisely 4:00pm yesterday, I walked up to the row house to meet my new landlord and walkthrough my new apartment. Contractors were working on the bottom floor's triplex area. 

"She's inside here," they said. "We will go get her for you."

She arrived and we chatted for a few minutes before heading upstairs. She apologized for the place not yet being clean. She promised to get things cleaned before I move in full time.

"When will that be?" she asked.

I opened my phone calendar and looked at the coming weeks. 

"No sooner than May 15th," I said. "But likely the weekend after that."

I started explaining that I had a lot going on, and may not even have a full weekend at the Encinitas house before I come back to Boston. 

She asked about living between the two cities, and my previous time living on the charming little street in the South End. That led to talking about my travels, and my work.

"Gosh!" she said, "You have so much energy!"

But I always feel so tired, I thought. In my head,

I often feel like there is so much more that I could be doing and accomplishing. Energetically, I feel exhausted most of the time... Being worn out by just simple everyday things... News on television. Netflix. Social media. Simple observations of people's drama.

There was still a small TV stand in front of the boarded-up fireplace from the previous tenant. She asked me if I wanted to keep it.

For a moment I considered it.


"No," I said. "I don't plan to have a TV."

I. Don't. Plan. To. Have. A. TV. What?

That's what I was thinking after I said it.

I have three TVs in the Encinitas place. None of which are connected to cable. But all have smart functions, allowing me to stream content. Do I not intend to stream while living In Boston?

I do. But one thing I have realized while living in Boston for this month... The allure of a TV connected to cable had been sucking me in to exhaustion. It wasn't just the crazy AirBnB neighbors form upstairs. Every morning, I turn on the TV and start watching news channels. And I leave it on all day, in the background.  

At home, when I'm in my office writing, I  have a habit of leaving Netflix running in the background. And I end up never leaving my office, and venturing out into the world.

"TV sucks you in," I explain to the landlord. "Drains you. No TV."

I plan to do a lot more with my energy living in Boston. I'm not going to spend it sucked into the glow of 42-inch flat screen. 

In front of a 13-inch flat screen (laptop) - absolutely. Writing.