Physically East Coast - Working West Coast.

"I'll be working California hours," I told people at work in the weeks prior to me coming to Boston for the month of April.

Now, here I am on my third working day here in Boston. I'm sitting in front of a television that has cable - something I've been without for nearly three years - and drinking a cup of coffee. It's nearly 7:30am, and I'm watching MSNBC.


"This is a pattern I like," I said to myself.

  • I wake up about 6:30am.
  • I get up and make a cup of coffee. 
  • I check emails/write and drink coffee while watching MSNBC.
  • At about 8:30am, I pull on my yoga clothes and head to the studio.
  • At 9am, I take class. 
  • After class (about 10:45am), I walk to the grocery store and pick up stuff for the day, then head home.
  • I shower, eat, and am ready for work by 11:30am.
  • At about 3pm - noon in California - I go out for a walk and grab a cup of coffee from a cafe.
  • I am back at work at 4pm, and work until about 8:00pm.
  • Then I make dinner. And continue to respond to emails till about 9pm.

The amount of things I get done before I even start my work day makes me happy. Specifically because it is allowing me to be productive on my personal stuff. I'm able to prioritize personal things before I get sucked into the work world and exhausted by the end of the day.

It works for me, three days into being here.

"I could definitely get used to this."

Actually, I probably already am.