The Ultimate Sign For Which I Am Waiting: The Ideal Apartment.

The week has been a good one. A productive one, both personally and professionally. The working of "California hours" here in Boston suits me quite well. And I was very connected to my team, and reachable by all those who needed to reach me - despite being three thousand miles away.  

So the possibility of splitting my time between San Diego and Boston is starting to feel like a do-able thing. The only thing that I am waiting on in order to make a final call on it?

An apartment.

I am really liking the one I am renting for the month right now.

 The private garden of the AirBnB I am renting this month.

The private garden of the AirBnB I am renting this month.

"It used to be the horse stable," my AirBnB host said. "This was one of my first apartments I lived in here in Boston."

He no longer lives in the space. And it's been renovated since he did live in it. It has a small private back garden, even though it is only a studio. So it's a great space, and is only missing two things in my view:

1. A bathtub. It only has a shower.

2. A washer/dryer in the unit.

He doesn't rent the space out long term, just as an AirBnB.  

"I have a place one block away that is about $2400 a month, slightly bigger than this, and is a one bedroom," he said. "It is available for June 1st."

But there was one thing I needed to know.

"Does it have a washer/dryer in it?"

It did not. 

"Sorry," I said. "That's a deal breaker for me."

He pointed out that I can send laundry out to be done. But that doesn't work for my lifestyle.

"I do hot yoga multiple times a week," I said. "And there are no laundromats within walking distance of here. And most apartments in the area - even studios - come with washer/dryers in them."

I have reached out to a few realtors in Boston, most of which are excited to respond initially... But then drop off with no communication. 

"They do tend to be flaky," I reminded myself. "Here in Boston at least. They do have a lot of ground to cover."

So unreturned texts and emails isn't surprising to me. But I'm in no rush to find the ideal apartment. And I figure if it does come along in the next few weeks, it is a sign to split my time between the two coasts. 

And if it doesn't come along, I will see it as a sign that another extended trip to Boston - this Summer - will be in order.

In case you were wondering what I am looking for...

  • 1 bedroom or studio
  • Boston's South End
  • Washer/Dryer (Must have)
  • Bath tub (Must have)
  • Fireplace (Nice to have)
  • Price - Negotiable