The Need For Contrast.

"This is just for at least a year," I confuse people with when they ask me "You're moving again?"

I don't know that I consider it really "moving." I think of it more as that I'm going to be bi-coastal for a year.  I'm not moving anything from my house. Except for some clothes.

"I may decide to keep it going after the year. Or not. But it's highly unlikely I will just live in Boston and not California at all."

I was reminded, while getting settled back into my house after four weeks away, how much I love the space I have here. It was a treat to come back here and have access to everything I've built. How everything is perfectly in it's place.

"Yeah," I said as I walked throughout the house, "There's no way I'm renting this place out and just living in Boston."

The light. The back garden. The deep bathtub. My office space.

"I need a bit of a change right now," I noted. "But it's not permanent."

It had been weighing on my mind. Because I had many people ask me why I wasn't moving stuff all the way out to Boston.

"You car? Your furniture?" they would ask.

Nope. All of that is staying here. That's my plan going into this.

The change I am in need of right now is stemming from a need for contrast. It's a deep-rooted thing in me. It aids the need for curiosity and exploration that runs through me. Being in the same pattern, same routine, and same space only works in small doses for me.

(Click to slide and see the two contrasting spaces of my life for the next year.)

Traveling to far-off places in the past couple of years has helped immensely. But need something - just for now - that is more frequently different.

And I want my California place to be what's different for me. Boston is established for me... my patterns. My habits. I want to appreciate my California space more. And that means spending less time here for a year. But not completely abandoning it.

"You could AirBnB it," people said to me.

Actually, I don't know that I could - that my HOA would be pleased about that. But even so, I wouldn't do that to my neighbors. It's kind of a dick move in the vibe of this neighborhood.

The only people who will stay here are people that I personally know. And it will be free of charge. 

But it will remain that my energy is the dominant one in this space. 

I'm just looking for contrast to disrupt my patterns and feed my curiosity. For a little while.